Kathryn Williams
Contributing Writer
Kathryn Williams with a “K” and a “Y” is a 22-year-old writer whose name has been spelled wrong by friends, Starbucks and the White House, twice. Don’t let the fact that she lives in the color black fool you about her personality: her humor and sarcasm are much, much darker. When she’s not running two newspapers, or working retail, writing blog posts or shopping, she’s drinking wine, coffee or sleeping. That’s assuming she’s not multitasking that day. Kathryn has also been known for shamelessly beating friends and family in video games, quoting Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings at the more inopportune times and yelling at the television during football games.
Conor Cunningham
Contributing Photographer
Conor Cunnigham, aka Mescondi, is a photographer who wants people to see things the way he does and is probably editing photos instead of sleeping. If he could get all of his nutrients from cereal, it's all he would eat. With an unhealthy obsession of Tarantino films, old sitcoms and Kid Cudi, there is always one of the three playing in the background while he works, or while doing anything for that matter. When his eyes can no longer look at a screen, he resorts to painting and listening to old hip hop vinyls. Also, he has a secret sixth sense for finding the most fire pieces while thrifting.

Shannon Anderson
Contributing Writer
Shannon Anderson is a 19 year old dreamer who aspires to one day get out of the Massachusetts suburbs and move to a big city once graduating from college. As a Communications major and Graphic Design minor, Shannon has always been the creative type, doing theatre and dance her whole life. When not writing, she also likes catching up on reality tv, drinking coffee and reciting movie quotes. 

Elvina Lo
Contributing Writer
Elvina resides in Markham, Ontario. Although she lives in the suburbs, she frequents Toronto on a weekly basis in search of food and fashion. While she is not working at her day job as a Project Coordinator, she is catching up with her best friends at local events, searching for affordable flights to her next travel destination, or trying out new restaurants with her boyfriend (check out her favourite restaurants on the Instagram page @hisandher_eats). Elvina’s idea of a perfect day consists of a little bit of fun, adventure, food, loved ones, and catching up on her favourite shows on Netflix (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, name a few). 

Shayla Lee
Contributing Writer
Shayla Lee is a marketing student currently blogging from Australia. She's vegan (even though you don't care about her diet), loves to travel and if you ever need chapstick, she's your girl. If she's not being cursed with bad luck or talking to her cats on the phone, she's probably eating garlic bread on the beach. 

Chelsea Totten
Contributing Writer
Chelsea is an aspiring screenwriter with an eternal crush on Zac Efron. She watches way too much Sitcom Television, knows all the words to the Shrek The Musical soundtrack, and hopes one day a stranger will laugh at her terrible jokes.

Astha Sachdeva
Contributing Writer
Astha is a passionate, vivacious, and curious creative. Fulfilling her dreams, she dives into the process of studying fashion at the Wilson School of Design in Vancouver. She has developed interests that go beyond sewing and drawing, more recently she has developed a keen eye for photography and blogging. With a sense for wanderlust, Astha continues to seek new creative outlets that excite and challenge her.

Isabelle Commerford
Contributing Writer
Upon moving out to the University of British Columbia in pursuit of an English degree, Isabelle has managed to hone her craft as the world’s best instant noodle chef. Since then, her life has been defined by a rotating collection of unhealthy obsessions including playing Pokémon, winging her eyeliner to perfection, ingesting excessive amounts of juice, crying at reality TV shows, stalking One Direction and being terrible at turn-based strategy games. Aside from that, Isabelle is a big advocate for wearing your retainer to bed so that your teeth don’t hurt in the morning.

Neda Kalantar
After receiving her Bachelor's in Fashion Communication, Neda started BLK & SAINT. What started off as a line of graphic t-shirts has grown into a successful apparel company and online magazine.  She leads a simple life revolving around cats, pasta, and binge watching 12 seasons of a tv series in one sitting.

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